Feb 23 2014

if you will ask

“o lord, when i awake i am still with you.  quicken my mortal body with your mighty resurrection life.  rouse me with a gracious flooding of your divine life for this day.

lord, so much activity, so many things, so numberless the people, and yet you remain!  bless today with largeness of heart and beauty of character for your glory.

o lord, unto you do i look up.  enlighten me.  cause me to be radiant with your countenance.  i praise you for your grace and for seeing a little of your marvelous doings.  enable me more and more to manifest the life hidden with christ in god.

lord, through the dimness, come with dawning and drawing light.  breathe on me till I am in a pure, radiant frame of body and mind for your work and for your glory this day.”

- oswald chambers, if you will ask.