math problems….

tears streaming…. “but, he got mad at me!”

“but, he was trying to help you.”

“but, i’m frustrated.”

“but, you quit.”

“but, i’m tired.”

“but, you know how and y0u can totally do it if you get your mind in the right place.”

“but, i don’t want to.  i need a break!”

“but, you have to do it anyway.  we all have to do stuff when we’re tired, and frustrated, and don’t want to, and just need a break.  if we don’t, we fail.  and we don’t have to fail if we will just set our mind to it on the front end and dig in.  overcoming frustrations and shortcomings is way more rewarding that sitting around crying about how you can’t do it.”

don’t you just love it when
God teaches you something
out of your own mouth?

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